Completed in 2023

Low-rise apartment building at a top location in Ylläs

Enjoy the slopes of Ylläs and ski straight to the front door of your own holiday home!

Polar Charm Oy

Built on a co-owned land, the three-floor Polar Charm housing company includes 11 holiday homes designed to serve holidaymakers in the best possible way.

The bottom floor of the Polar Charm building houses the following facilities for collective use: a bicycle storage room, washing and maintenance facilities, individual storage spaces for each apartment, and a ski storage / maintenance space for keeping your ski gear in perfect running order for all conditions.

All the furniture in the co-owned apartments is included in the price, including sofas, beds, televisions, and dishes. When it comes to the single-ownership homes, you get to choose whether to furnish your holiday haven yourself or select a carefully designed concept through the contractor.

The land which the building stands on is included in the debt-free sale price. The ownership of the land allows for low living expenses and a good rental income.

The location could not be better: you can ski directly to your front yard which is within a walking distance of the resort services, still in the peace of your own holiday home.

The parking spaces are sold for a separate share, for the price of 6 000 euros per spot.

As far as the co-owned apartments are concerned, the parking space is included in the price.


Ylläs was justifiably awarded as the best outdoor activity resort in the Nordic countries in 2020. The resort caters for all the seasons, from the wonderful, bright colours of the autumn to the thick blanket of snow in the early spring. The ski lifts take you to the top of the best slopes in Finland, only 400 metres from your holiday home, and the excellent cross-country tracks are equally close by.

In addition to the traditional outdoor activities, Ylläs offers fantastic biking opportunities throughout the year, with the best winter cycling routes in all of Lapland. What is more, the whole family will enjoy unforgettable experiences on husky and reindeer sled rides in the wintertime. In the summer, you can fish or paddle in breathtaking scenery. And these are just some of the activities you can experience in Ylläs.

The wild range of restaurants serves you only 500 metres from your apartment – you can easily walk the distance for a relaxing night out. In the daytime, you can wind down at the pools of the Lapland Hotels Saaga where the warm bubbles of a hot tub set in a natural stone cave await you.

Polar-Venture Oy

Polar-Venture began the construction of the fully equipped and furnished holiday homes at the Levi resort in 1999. Due to heavy demand, Polar-Venture continued its housing production in Levi, while also expanding to other resorts such as Ylläs, the sand dunes of Kalajoki, and the wonderful landscape of Lake Oulujärvi around the Paltamo Golf resort.

Our motto is: Only what is good enough for ourselves can be good enough for the customer.


Construction estimated to begin in May 2022

2 rooms+kitchen+sauna | 34,5m<sup>2</sup> |  | 1

A | Sold

2 rooms+kitchen+sauna

34,5 m2

61 293 €

I room+sleeping alcove+kitchen+sauna | 34m<sup>2</sup> | 215 000 € | Free

B | Sold

I room+sleeping alcove+kitchen+sauna

34 m2

58 209 €

172,5 € / month
2 rooms + kitchen + sauna / co-owned | 34,5m<sup>2</sup> |  | Free

C, co-owned | Free

2 rooms + kitchen + sauna / co-owned

34,5 m2

20 965 € / share

3 rooms+kitchen+sauna | 64m<sup>2</sup> |  | Free

E, co-owned | Free

3 rooms+kitchen+sauna

64 m2

37 124 € / share

2 rooms+sleeping alcove+kitchen+sauna | 45m<sup>2</sup> |  | Free

F | Free

2 rooms+sleeping alcove+kitchen+sauna

45 m2

27 259 € / share

2 rooms+sleeping alcove+kitchen+sauna | 45m<sup>2</sup> | 294 000 € | Free

G | Free

2 rooms+sleeping alcove+kitchen+sauna

45 m2

121 556 €

225 € / month
2 rooms+sleeping alcove+kitchen+sauna | 45m<sup>2</sup> | 310 200 € | 1

J | Sold

2 rooms+sleeping alcove+kitchen+sauna

45 m2

92 557 €

225 € / month
2 rooms+sleeping alcove+kitchen+sauna / co-owned | 45m<sup>2</sup> |  | 1

K, co-owned | Free

2 rooms+sleeping alcove+kitchen+sauna / co-owned

45 m2

29 259 € / share


Levi is a fell in the village of Sirkka in Kittilä, Finnish Lapland. It is the biggest year-round skiing and holiday resort in Finland. No matter what the season, all the members of your family will find something to do, because Levi is always at its best. Here you can hike in breathtaking scenery, ski from morning till evening, and relax in a wonderful spa. To cut a long story short: Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in Levi.

Mitä asiakkaamme meistä sanovat?

“Olen tyytyväinen rauhalliseen lomanviettoon. En kaipaa yleistä hälyä. Luonto on erittäin rakas minulle. Levi on paras.”

“Osakkeita omistamme Kätkähovissa kaksi kappaletta, joten viikkoja vuodessa tulee käyttöömme noin 15 – 17 kappaletta. Tämä riittää täysin meidän, lastemme ja lastenlapsiemme tarpeisiin. Asunto on nyt noin 14 vuotta vanha ja edelleen toimii hyvin. Muutoin olemme vuoden eri toimintoihin tyytyväisiä.”

“Levihovin viestintä on asiallista, esimerkiksi omista viikoista saa hyvin tiedon.”

“Homma pelaa ja huoneistomme on pysynyt hyvässä kunnossa.”

We are Levihovi.

We have ready-made and complete holiday homes for sale, offering functionality and effortlessness that leave you more time for leisure activities.